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Grace United Baptist Church

posted by Pastor Shawn

Grace United Baptist is a church that is founded on strong biblical principles.  We have been around for 14 years.  Our church was founded on the basis that The Holy Bible is the absolute authority for our instruction and guidance as a church and as individuals.  We believe in the leadership of God through The Holy Spirit in our church and lives.  This leading will always be in accordance with biblical principles as we believe the scriptures are “God-breathed” and the scriptures, as such, are infallible.

We do not believe in political correctness or that social trends/popularity should have any impact on the teachings of the scriptures.  We believe in the principle taught in the scriptures that we are to despise Sin, but to love sinners.  We understand that we too are numbered among sinners as we are not perfect, but we believe that after being born again, we are being perfected and sanctified as we journey through this life.  We have no “hatred” for any group or belief, but we will stand on The Word of God and will not replace His Truth and His commands just to ‘be liked’.

We are a very loving group that enjoys serving others.  This is placed in our hearts by The Holy Spirit and, by the scriptures teaching, being servants is the only way for us to be leaders in our workplaces and communities.


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